Examples for irradiation distributions

N=4, Tetrahedron beam config N=5, 2 pole beams plus equator 3-ring N=7, 1 pole beam plus 2 3-rings N=9, 1 pole beam plus 2 4-rings N=11, beam pairs at poles plus tweaked equator 7-ring N=13, 2 coincident beams at poles plus 3 3-rings N=15, equator 9-ring plus 2 3-rings N=17, equator 11-ring plus 2 3-rings N=19, equator 11-ring plus 2 4-rings N=21, equator 13-ring plus 2 4-rings

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The data files CBDMxx.TXT are part of illumtab.zip, that contains also examples for perfect solutions for N=10, N=12, N=14, N=16, N=18.

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